Question 2 is Supported By: 

United Mesa Firefighters

Mesa Police Association

Mesa Fraternal Order of Police

Mayor John Giles

Vice Mayor David Luna

Councilmember Mark Freeman

Councilmember Francisco Heredia

Councilmember Chris Glover

Councilmember Kevin Thompson

Former Mayor Scott Smith

Former Councilmember Alex Finter

Former Councilmember Dennis Kavanaugh

Former Councilmember Scott Somers

Former Councilmember Dave Richins

And many more…

Dale Crogan.jpg

Dale Crogan, President, United Mesa Fire Fighters

“We must invest in police and fire to keep our response times low.  Over the past seven years, because of growth, the average emergency response time has increased by 56 seconds.  Every second that our response times increase could be the difference between life and death.”

Nate Gavfert.jpg

Nate Gafvert, President, Mesa Police Association

“The Mesa Police department has fewer sworn officers now than it did in 2006.  Based on the standards set by the National Police Chiefs association, Mesa police is understaffed by 40%.   We need Question 2 to hire 65 more officers to keep crime low and protect our family-friendly city.”

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Will Biascoechea, President, Mesa Fraternal Order of Police

“Your Mesa Police Officers answer nearly 1,000 calls for service each day and do so in an overwhelmingly professional and positive manner.   We have found ways to do more with less while trying to keep up with population growth.  Question 2 is a transparent way to keep up with demand.”   

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