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3TV/CBS 5: "Mesa family says 'thank you' for support after tree destroyed home in monsoon storm"



A Mesa family picking up the pieces after a monsoon storm wants to say “thank you.”

On Monday, a tree crashed through the roof of a home near University and Center, and injured 75-year-old Ellen Sims Oso who was in her bedroom at the time.

“Her wound is pretty deep but she's being transferred from the hospital today to a skilled nursing facility so she can finish healing up,” says Oso’s daughter Tia Oso.
Tia says family was told to clear out debris around the home so city inspectors can check out the damage.“The first thing the City told us is we have to get the tree removed,” says Tia . She says that’s when Mesa firefighters stepped in to help.

Scott Crawford, vice president for United Mesa Fire Local 2260, says he put a call out on Facebook for volunteers to remove the tree. In the end, Crawford says 25 off-duty firefighters and police officers came to the home to take down the tree. Crawford says former firefighter and current Mesa City Councilman Mark Freeman responded with a tractor from his farm to handle some of the heavy lifting.

The group saved the Oso family thousands of dollars in tree removal costs.

“The fact that they were willing to do that and so quickly, they’re really exemplifying what it means to be a city official and a public servant,” says Oso.   “They are demonstrating it right now.”

Crawford says the union spent some of its own funds to complete the project, but he says union members helped out because they appreciate the public’s trust and service to the community doesn’t stop at the end of a shift. 

The Oso family did not have homeowner’s insurance. They have a GoFundMe to help pay for needs.


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